Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2


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The Parrot Bebop 2 earned the highest novice suitability score, while also providing the most intuitive user control of all options tested. The results of the operational assessment indicate the Bebop 2 is a solid, well-rounded choice for novices to gain familiarity with multirotor operation, ensure safety, and support more advanced uses, upon mastery of basic operational skills. The system scored higher than average for endurance, communication range, utility, construction quality, operational ease (top score), accuracy and availability of reported values, and user support; slightly less than average for maximum airspeed, camera quality, pricing, and critical metrics; and less than average for payload capacity. It was tested using the Skycontroller, an iPad mini 2 tablet, and the FreeFlight 3 app, which add substantially to the user experience and communication performance. Use of the Skycontroller provides excellent controllability and situational awareness (non-distracting to operator), as well as reliable communications to an approximate range of 1.4 miles (7,392 ft; published performance), making the system easy to operate and fun to fly. The Bebop 2 is highly suited to a novice operator, while also providing features beneficial to advanced users, including route planning and a software development kit (SDK) for system programming. It can support a wide variety of applications beyond familiarization, especially aerial filming, research, and training indoors, and to a limited degree, outdoors.


  • FPV enabled (WiFi/digital, 2.4GHz and 5GHz streaming to smart-device app)
  • Fisheye lens and software gimbal for improved stability, reduced mechanical complexity, and 90-degree down-look camera capability
  • Controllable using Skycontroller or smart-device app

Additional Specs

  • Max Speed: 26.07 kts
  • Endurance: 25 mins
  • Maximum Photo Resolution: 14 MP
  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Price: $844.97 USD (as tested)
  • Communication Range: 7,392 ft
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • Battery Capacity: 2,700 mAh

More information at the Parrot website.


  • Simplistic, but reliable and highly-capable design that is easy for novice users to operate and service (maintain/repair); most intuitive user control of all systems tested (100% operational ease) that is easy to setup and fun to fly
  • Nimble, responsive, and self-correcting in translational flight
  • Provided excellent control and situational awareness, when combined with Skycontroller and a tablet
  • Design offers protection of the integrated camera, which features unique software gimbaling for reduced mechanical complexity and weight-savings
  • Small overall footprint, which is useful for indoor operations
  • Battery is compatible with both aircraft and Skycontroller
  • Detailed documentation provided


  • Requires smart-device to configure and operate
  • Relatively expensive, especially with Skycontroller ($844.97, as configured; 9th in cost-effectiveness ranking)
  • Four unique rotor blades are both color matched front/rear and feature opposing hub styles; can be confusing to new users and limits possible replacement parts
  • Propeller detachment occurred several times during takeoff (minimal safety impact due to small sizing, weight, and inertia); attachment could use improvement
  • Maximum speed, MTOW, and small size (reduced VLOS profile) limits outdoor operational range (reduced VLOS profile and increased susceptibility to wind effects)
  • Automatic takeoff/landing results in imprecise control; would be better as an option rather than forced requirement (novice users appreciated this feature, while experienced operators prefer more control)
  • Payload Capacity was not published; assumed to be zero
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