Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture


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Syma X8C Venture
UAV Syma Quadcopter

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The Syma X8C Venture is a highly cost-effective alternative to more expensive systems, but its inherent low quality and functional limitations prevent useful function beyond multirotor familiarization or recreation, reducing its overall novice suitability score. The X8C Venture scored higher than average for pricing (less-expensive); slightly less than average for maximum speed (observed), critical metrics, and operational ease; and less than average for endurance, payload capacity, camera quality, communication range, utility, construction quality, availability and accuracy of reported values, and user support. The system requires a substantial time commitment to complete platform assembly and battery charging (approx. 3+ hours), with a very short operational endurance time (7 minutes). The quality of the X8C Venture’s construction and documentation is more consistent with that of a toy than a sUAS. Additionally, the provided Syma FPV smartphone app is very simplistic with significant latency, but it could provide novices with a good opportunity to understand how such apps work (e.g., WiFi configuration and use) prior to conducting operations on more complicated and expensive systems. The X8C Venture represents a simple, low-cost option that can be appropriate to a novice operator and provides a stable and cost-effective analog to costly, similarly sized systems (e.g., DJI Phantom 3). However, the short endurance, quality of construction, and overly simplified smartphone app limit the functionality to multirotor familiarization or recreation. Despite the low novice suitability score and other performance ratings, this system may be worth considering for basic skills development, based on its low cost, simplicity, stable flight characteristics, and size.


  • FPV enabled (WiFi/digital, 2.4 GHz streaming to smartphone app)
  • Six-axis gyroscope
  • 360-degree eversion (roll) and headless operational modes

Additional Specs

  • Max Speed: 25.86 kts
  • Endurance: 7 mins
  • Payload Capacity: 0.18 lbs
  • Video Resolution: 720p
  • Price: $138.79 USD (as tested)
  • Communication Range: 328.08 ft

More information at the Syma website.


  • Very cost-effective system with similar sizing to other popular consumer multirotors
  • Well suited to a beginner with stable flight, simple video app, and durability (especially landing gear)
  • Large size, provides a good, low cost training option before committing to a more expensive and capable system


  • Requires smart-device to access full system functionality
  • Lowest reported payload capacity of all systems tested (.18 lbs)
  • Low quality construction and substantial assembly required
  • Poor battery performance; 7 min endurance and requires 200 minute charge time (published)
  • Smartphone app is very simplistic, which can be good for beginners, but very limiting for experienced operators (high degree of latency exhibited; minimal functionality or data display including lack of platform battery level)
  • Substantially affected by wind
  • Documentation was not detailed; consistent with “toy”
  • Maximum Speed not published, but speed of 25.86 kts captured in testing
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