Degrees & Programs

Embry-Riddle Worldwide Campus

Office of Professional Education – Worldwide, Professional Program in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

Non-degree program featuring three (four-week, online) courses covering history and application, design and configuration, and operations and regulations. Participants explore today’s most innovative and exciting sUAS uses, learn about operating sUAS safely and legally, and connect with resources to remain current.
Note: This non-degree program does not substitute for a license, degree, certification or required professional credential. A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion of all three courses.

Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Systems Applications

Online degree program designed to provide broader and more affordable access to an undergraduate-level education in a topic under-represented in global educational institutions, the application of unmanned system technology.

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics -UAS Minor

Degree program (classroom and online) featuring an 18-credit minor course of study to improve awareness of system capabilities, unique robotic features, sensor selection and application, and role in modern operations.

Master of Science in Unmanned Systems

Online advanced degree designed to produce graduates qualified to enter or enhance their applicability towards the application, development, management, policy-making, and support of unmanned systems.

Master of Science in Aeronautics

Advanced degree program (classroom and online) featuring a 12-credit graduate specialization (four courses) in UAS emphasizing need for a comprehensive understanding of UAS topics, challenges, and application.

ERAU-Worldwide Unmanned Systems Related Career Opportunities: 2016

Contains an overview of the types of fields and positions associated with unmanned systems, including UAS, as well as current pay-scales and growth locations across the U.S.