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Elanview Cicada


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UAV Cicada
UAV Cicada

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The Elanview Cicada is a compact, uniquely designed option featuring a high quality camera. The system’s scores across many of the individual measures indicate it could be useful in conducting outdoor multirotor operations, ensuring safety, and potentially supporting more advanced uses. The system scored higher than average for camera quality, pricing (less-expensive), and utility; slightly less than average for critical metrics; and less than average for maximum speed, endurance, payload capacity (not reported), communication range, construction quality, operational ease, availability and accuracy of reported values, and user support. Despite the cost-effectiveness score of 7.21:1, the Cicada represents a relatively expensive option, given its performance and difficult operation, that could be appropriate to a novice operator if it provided better controllability. Its dependency on use of a smart-device and the Elanview app as the only control mechanism make it a challenge to operate for both inexperienced and experienced users. Inclusion of a more robust hardware control option and higher quality construction materials, would make this system much more applicable to supporting aerial filming, research, training, and recreation.


  • FPV enabled (WiFi/digital, streaming to smart-device app)
  • Built-in GPS and barometer functions for precise control and monitoring of position and altitude
  • 169° fisheye lens camera with a fixed F2.8 aperture; adjusted from 0-15° manually or by adjusting flight attitude
  • Electronic Image Stabilizing (EIS) system, cushioned camera mount and vibration-dampening rubber grommets keep image quality high and details sharp
  • Videos are stored in high-definition 1080p, while photos are stored as 16 MP images
  • Simple onscreen controls and three operational modes (Key, Joystick, and Gravity)
  • 1,000 mAh battery (2S 7.2 V LiPo)

Additional Specs

  • Max Speed: 6.95 kts
  • Endurance: 15 mins
  • Maximum Photo Resolution: 16 MP
  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Price: $389.97 USD (as tested)
  • Communication Range: 328.08 ft
  • Battery Capacity: 1,000 mAh

More information at the Elanview website.


  • Small size, easily transported design
  • High quality camera, given price
  • Able to launch with minimal setup


  • Requires smart-device to configure and operate
  • Reduced operational range due to communication range and size (limits VLOS)
  • Low quality (low durability) construction material, may not support long duration use (lowest assessed construction quality of all systems tested; 54.49%)
  • High Center-of-Gravity and unconventional design with blades mounted on bottom substantially impacts performance; can come into contact with grass or debris on the ground and significantly affected by wind
  • Smart-device interface, made control difficult and frustrating for both novice and experienced users (tried both iOS and Android; users need to constantly look down to confirm contact, no tactile feedback; latency and intermittent throttle control experienced during operation); hardware control option would be desirable
  • Lowest published (5.4 kts) and observed (6.95 kts) Maximum Speed of all systems tested
  • Documentation is not optimal, lacking of detail
  • Payload Capacity was not published; assumed to be zero
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