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UAV XplorerG Xiro
UAV XplorerG Xiro

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The Xiro XPlorer G is a robust, well constructed, and capable system, with a highly professional appearance. The system’s scores across many of the individual measures indicate it can be useful in conducting multirotor operations, ensuring safety, and supporting more advanced uses. The XPlorer G scored higher than average for endurance, camera quality (using separately purchased GoPro), pricing (less-expensive), utility, construction quality, and operational ease; slightly less than average for critical metrics; and less than average for maximum speed, payload capacity (not reported), communication range, accuracy and availability of reported values, and user support. The system was very responsive (overly, except in yaw), presenting a challenge to inexperienced operators during takeoff, translational and pattern flight, and landing. The system is also capable of carrying a user-configured payload, but configuration and setup with a GoPro and Xiro app was also overly complicated for new users and difficult to diagnose, using the available support materials. Given the observations from the assessment, the XPlorer G would be less appropriate to a novice operator, unless operated under direct supervision and assistance of an experienced operator. Its advanced features and capabilities, accessible and supported using a smart-device and app, can be very useful in support of indoor or outdoor aerial filming, training, or research operations.


  • FPV enabled (WiFi/digital, 5.8GHz, 720p streaming to smart-device app)
  • Three-axis gimbal and 1080p HD/14.4MP camera with polarized lens
  • Features Actual Directional Control, Follow Me, Circle Me, Return to Home, waypoint following, and GPS flight modes
  • Supports GoPro 3/4
  • 5,200 mAh battery (3S 11.1V LiPo)

Additional Specs

  • Max Speed: 18.38 kts
  • Endurance: 25 mins
  • Maximum Photo Resolution: 12 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K
  • Price: $613.65 USD (as tested)
  • Communication Range: 1,640 ft
  • Battery Capacity: 5,200 mAh

More information at the Xiro website.


  • Very robust system, high quality construction and durability
  • High degree of capability, given the cost to comparable systems
  • Operational control was intuitive, if not slightly too responsive (nimble) for a novice operator


  • Requires smart-device to access full system functionality
  • Difficulty in configuring camera interface (lack of documentation to diagnose issue); could not control camera through Android app
  • Outward folding legs present an area of concern (landing with drift may collapse leg; features a small, unstable footprint)
  • Observed a fair amount of drift and attitude loss in translational flight; extremely low yaw rate
  • Larger smart-phones do not fit the slide-out holder on the controller
  • Documentation is minimal; too much information presented in complicated infographic format, which makes it difficult to locate specific information
  • Payload Capacity was not published, but tested with GoPro weighing .22 lb
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